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Web Site Writing with an Eye to SEO

Congratulations to my client, the Association of Consultants to Nonprofits on their new Web site. It’s always a pleasure to work with Chicagoans, especially those who appreciate good web site writing, visitor experience and good SEO. Visit the site here.

AIG Rebranding as AIG Again

The latest AIG rebranding is actually re-rebanding: Returning to its old name, finally correcting a an ill-considered and ineffective name change. AIG Rebranding 2009 “AIG is trying to outrun its old reputation by adopting a new brand. Will it work? Most people aren’t buying it. The entity, formerly known as AIG, is firmly attached to …

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Merriam’s Guide to Naming Interview on CDTV Internet Radio Program

We talked about naming challenges, how to name, pitfalls to avoid in this online radio interview on, the online broadcasting network providing stock market news, financial, business, nasdaq, nyse, earnings, and daily dividend reports. Merriam’s Guide to Naming is available from most major booksellers, including Amazon.

Add Heroics to Proxios Brand Promise

The Proxios brand promise was tested under fire last week. At Merriam Associates, we have been honored to work with some truly great companies large and small. Occasionally, we get to work with a company which does something truly heroic. We renamed and repositioned Proxios, which manages companies’ information technology through cloud computing. It is …

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Gobbledegook: Brand Doublespeak’s Extremely Boring Cousin

This blog has railed against the dishonesty behind doublespeak and the long-term damage such “cleverness” can do to the integrity of your brand (i.e. Toyota renaming a “recall” as a “special service campaign”). Using gobbledegook in your brand communications is less sinister, but it still inhibits clear, compelling communication and it definitely can bore your …

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