Lisa Merriam

Selected Portfolio


MetLife Thought Leadership Branding, Strategy and Execution Plan:: I was hired to position, name and write the program business plan for MetLife’s thought leadership program for the workforce of the future. The work began with auditing competitors and then coordinating with internal stakeholders across company functions. The next step was creating multi-format content strategy for original research, white papers, blog entries, live events, interactive tools, and video. I named the initiative and wrote the brand positioning and value proposition. I wrapped up the work with a comprehensive marketing plan.

MetLife Brand Localization Design Sprints: Two years ago, MetLife began a global rebranding initiative. To enhance relevance and engagement, I was hired contribute to the strategy to localize the brand in 6 key markets. The project included in-depth research into local customer values, purchase journeys, culture and visual cues and the competitive landscape. It involved aligning sales, marketing, and business unit stakeholders in the local market and at MetLife global headquarters in New York. At the conclusion of the project, I gathered best practices into a playbook for future design sprints in other countries along with brand usage guidelines.

Magellan TV logo

I was brought in to name Magellan TV, a new subscription documentary channel that is disrupting broadcast and cable television. The company needed a name that reflected the passion of filmmakers, the cutting-edge subjects, and the authentic insights from the world’s top historians, scientists and explorers, and the growing collection of over 2,000 of the world’s best documentary series and features

Family Office Association-logo

I was brought in to interview wealthy multi-generational families to uncover what they valued most. I repositioned the organization and now continue working on using the brand to drive content strategy and events. I manage the database of 4,000 of the world’s wealthiest families and organize the small group roundtables for 15 to 20 families around topics such as the Lender vs. IRS decision impacting taxes, alternative investing, cyber-security, commodities and tariffs, block chain, next generation issues, and more. I also work with resource council service providers matching them to families with specific needs.

Conducted in-depth customer research in the refining and petrochemical industries for the company’s innovative OnPoint digital solution for optimizing operations. OnPoint is unique combination of data-driven digital expertise and real-world, in-the-field industry experience that helps companies operate more efficiently, safely, and profitably. My work culminated in detailed customer personas from field operators to fired heater engineers to plant managers, and then mapping their information needs against the sales funnel journey.

The Iraqi petroleum retailing network was in dire need of upgrading. I was brought in, based on may work for ExxonMobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips, to lay out a long-range plan for creating a state-of-the-art consumer retail experience for retail locations throughout Iraq. The recommendation included plans for upgraded food service and co-located conveniences services.

This government agency brought me in to brand a major new high-profile initiative. I conducted research into the complex healthcare provider community (hospitals, doctors, labs, Rx, and others) to gather needed insight into positioning, naming, and launching a major new initiative (still under NDA) for Q1 2019. We wrote the positioning, purpose, brand story and key messaging, along with a launch marketing plan.

I write the residential and small business Blog for this company as a long-time contractor to Outspoken Media, digital content and SEO strategy leaders

Schneider Electric-Logo

Schneider Electric needed a brand for their customer advocacy program, including a name and positioning. I helped them create the identity and also the internal marketing and training tools, including a team playbook. The idea was to align Schneider’s customer-facing staff, including sales, line of business managers, customer care experts, and tech consultants, around providing a cohesive customer experience and positioning Schneider as the go-to global specialists in operational technology.

blackstone logo

The Blackstone Group acquired a large portfolio of residential foreclosed properties and was investing in transforming them into upscale rentals. We helped the company name this new venture.

wedgewood pharmacy

This entrepreneurial pharmaceutical compounding company had grown from a small family firm to a top national player. In preparation for acquisition private, the company brought me in to structure marketing and sales to scale for fast growth, while still protecting employee morale and company culture. I created a matrixed structure and new job descriptions to make best use of current employees, supported by new talent. Upon studying the business plan, growing competitive threats, market segments, channels, products, and regulatory restrictions, I identified what strategic activities the marketing and sales organization should pursue and the core areas of excellence. The company was able to quickly recruit and on-board key marketing talent within months of the restructure and launch a game-changing new service product under budget and on time, generating higher than expected adoption rates.


Partnering with Everbrand, we created the Auros brand from scratch. An engineering outsourcing firm created software for capturing storing and reusing engineering knowledge in today’s highly distributed, outsourced, and mobile workforce. I conducted competitive audits, spoke to customers like engineering giants Airbus, Navistar and GM, and used the insight to create the purpose, positioning and value proposition for the company. I created the name, tagline and brand messaging and worked with a designer to create the logo and visual system. We completed the work with the creation of all marketing communications, from the web site to trade show booths.

mintx group

I was hired to create a turn-key content strategy and lead generation program for this international business intelligence company. The project required a content creation strategy, program and schedule that made use of the vast library of experience within the company. The program involved online tools a mobile app, articles, public relations, social media, webinars and live events. Social engagement increased by a factor of 9 and resulted in doubling the incoming leads.

land rover and bmw

BMW Mount Kisco had considerable potential to dominate their market area with a brand message that differentiated the Mount Kisco location from other BMW dealers. We conducted extensive research and testing of ideas to effectively articulate what set BMW Mount Kisco apart. For the same dealer group, we created a customer experience with a day of off-road training for Land Rover drivers.

As a subcontractor to Coleman Brandworx, we managed identity creation and contributed to brand strategy for the Johnson & Johnson’s sponsorship of the 2006 Tornio Winter Olympic Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions had grown rapidly through innovation and acquisition. The brand needed a repositioning that better reflected the company’s expanded capabilities and growing “big data” role. Working with 321 Worldwide, we helped craft the new umbrella story for the company.


I worked closely with the in-store branding group to create copy for in-store signage in for the revamped baking, stove top and cutlery departments. Separately, I conducted name concept exploration for a new store-wide product line.


Cablevision needed an updated sales presentation that better told the story of innovation and customer insight. Working with Sales Graphics, we wrote a compelling new story for this company.


A printing company was spinning off software that managed advertising production details such as start and end date of promotions, pricing, product details, and images, and connected the information upstream with product ordering and downstream with media outlets. I was hired to organize the product offering, position it, create a name and logo with a visual system and usage guidelines, and write the initial messaging. The project ended with a multi-office launch that included key client sites and industry-wide PR. After the launch, we functioned as the outsourced marketing department and created a lead generating content management program. The company was sold in Q2 2018 to dunnhumby, a leader in customer marketing.


canon logo

I was brought in by Spark Creative Group to develop a series of Web video scripts illustrating how Canon Multi-Function Printers solve common document management problems. The videos are used by Canon sales representatives to engagingly and simply demonstrate complex product features that get buried in highly technical printed brochures.

westfield logo

We were part of an innovative team assembled by Levine Design Group to help this global mall developer better understand opportunities to improve shopper experiences in common areas and to improve the profit per square foot for kiosk retail. The project covered everything from customer intercept In Context Opinion research to visual merchandising to training leasing professionals.


I wrote search engine optimized web copy for diversity initiatives section of the corporate Web site


Conducted naming exploration for a suite of acquired products as part of a larger international strategic agency team.


Working with G Group Marketing, we worked with Lancome, licensee of Ralph Lauren fragrance brands, to conducted qualitative field market research into the new meaning of luxury for Ralph Lauren brand. We video taped interviews with people in seven different localities across different age, ethnic and income groups for a true pulse-of-the-country view of goals and values.


BOHEN Equipment serves the global energy, mining, transportation and construction industries by selling, renting and servicing heavy equipment from cranes to port equipment to earth movers. The company needed a new logo and visual identity would better reflect their market-leading reputation that would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the global brands they work with, and that would scale as the company grew. We created the web site and built out the company’s marketing communications materials.