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B2B Branding

Marketing Sherpa Case Study: SEO for 308% Increase Web Traffic

How to increase Web traffic is the subject of MarketingSherpa’s latest case study of Knockout Pest Control‘s local search and digital marketing work. Marketing Sherpa is a research company that tracks and shares “what works in all aspects of marketing.” They selected our client Knockout Pest Control to profile on how to build business–and better …

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GM Smashes Its U.S. Recall Record and the Idea of a “New GM”

Yesterday, GM announced yet more recalls that brought the total number of vehicle call-backs to an all-time record. The damage to an already hurting brand–see “Switchgate”–is incalculable. The idea of a “new GM” is taking a beating. Toyota suffered similar negative press several years ago, but the strength of its brand, built over decades, helped …

GM Smashes Its U.S. Recall Record and the Idea of a “New GM” Read More » Addressing The Demographic Challenge Of Knowledge Management

Working with Everbrand, we helped rebrand a revolutionary technology for corporate knowledge management: Auros. Writing with Jeff Moffa, Vice President for Knowledge Systems at Auros, we wrote this article for What happens when your company experts retire or move to another company, taking your corporate knowledge with them?

Web Site Writing with an Eye to SEO

Congratulations to my client, the Association of Consultants to Nonprofits on their new Web site. It’s always a pleasure to work with Chicagoans, especially those who appreciate good web site writing, visitor experience and good SEO. Visit the site here.

AIG Rebranding as AIG Again

The latest AIG rebranding is actually re-rebanding: Returning to its old name, finally correcting a an ill-considered and ineffective name change. AIG Rebranding 2009 “AIG is trying to outrun its old reputation by adopting a new brand. Will it work? Most people aren’t buying it. The entity, formerly known as AIG, is firmly attached to …

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Merriam’s Guide to Naming Interview on CDTV Internet Radio Program

We talked about naming challenges, how to name, pitfalls to avoid in this online radio interview on, the online broadcasting network providing stock market news, financial, business, nasdaq, nyse, earnings, and daily dividend reports. Merriam’s Guide to Naming is available from most major booksellers, including Amazon.