Lisa Merriam

Video Market Research Going Beyond the Limits of the Focus Group

Our world of instant communication and fast-change makes knowing what people think more important than ever. Old-fashioned fashioned qualitative techniques with their artificial environments just aren’t good enough. Video market research goes where focus groups won’t and talk to people focus groups can’t. We get you the answers you need fast – and we deliver economically.



Video Market Research Methodology for Listening and Capturing Consumer Opinion

We listen to what people have to say in context, where they are thinking about your product and making decisions. We use unobtrusive equipment and an interview approach that puts people at ease and gets them talking. Video market research gets the detail and ask the important follow up questions. You get a better perspective and an accurate understanding of attitudes and motives.

Topics Video Market Research Can Explore

  • Brand marketing and strategy
  • Advertising and promotional program and messaging effectiveness
  • Public relations messaging and response to headline issues
  • Customer testimonials/loyalty
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Trend forecasting and innovation
  • Retail experience and comparing channels
  • Customer service
  • Segmentation and niche markets
  • Product design
  • Package design
  • Marketing messages
  • Event and trade show effectiveness

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