Lisa Merriam

Add Heroics to Proxios Brand Promise

The Proxios brand promise was tested under fire last week.

At Merriam Associates, we have been honored to work with some truly great companies large and small. Occasionally, we get to work with a company which does something truly heroic.

proxios-brand-promiseWe renamed and repositioned Proxios, which manages companies’ information technology through cloud computing. It is a nifty company with great people and a service that is compelling. Just how nifty and compelling came to light last week when one of Proxios’ customers, The Bookkeeping Department, got the phone call that all business owners dread. Their building was on fire.

For a business that provides financial reporting, accounts receivable/payable, general accounting, and tax services, this type of emergency could cause severe problems for its clients and put them out of business – especially this close to April 15.

The fire destroyed The Bookkeeping Department’s offices so thoroughly they won’t be able to return for at least six months. But, since all of their IT was in “the cloud” with Proxios, clients didn’t even notice the catastrophe. Phones and emails were immediately re-routed. All bookkeeping and tax documents were miles away from the fire in Proxios’ secure offsite facility. The company kept operating without losing touch with customers and without losing a single byte of data–exactly the Proxios brand promise.

“Despite the severity of the fire, I never had a moment’s doubt about being able to access our data,” explained The Bookkeeping Department’s CEO Harry Garmon. “Since we were able to maintain contact with our clients, they couldn’t really perceive any difference in reaching either us or their data.”

Congratulations to Proxios for delivering on its brand promise of providing complete, uninterrupted access to world-class IT and communications services any time, anywhere, even during a catastrophic fire.