Lisa Merriam

Brand Reputation–The Importance of Background Checks

Your brand depends your people. Reputation is built less by marketing and advertising and more by who you hire. With the transparency and speed of communication in today’s marketplace, you need to look before you leap when making hiring decisions.

Brand Trust Is in Decline: Reputation Institute Recommendations

Brand trust is in decline. In the week that saw #BoycottInNOut and #BurnNike, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kylie Wright-Ford of the Reputation Institute for the American Marketing Association New York. We talked about  what companies can do to earn and keep trust in their reputations. Watch the interview here. The American Marketing Association’s Brilliance in …

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Nike Brand Controversy: Colin Kaepernick

The Colin Kaepernick ads sparked major debate among marketing leaders. Read American Marketing Association leadership opinions about the Nike brand controversy and about the politicization of branding and marketing.

I had the honor of interviewing one of the leading professionals in the field of marketing a major sports franchise. Watch the Brilliance in Marketing video interview with Mark Fine of the New York Mets and the art of winning in marketing, no matter what the team’s record.