Lisa Merriam

New Madmen Auction Retro Brands

The days when Madmen sipped and smoked their way up and down Madison Avenue are long gone, but some dead brands of that era (and others) are going on sale December 8th at the Waldorf Hotel in New York. A new breed of madmen have collected and will sell 150 brands from yesteryear.

UPDATE: The auction format depressed the sale prices for the brands on auction.  Shearson sold for $45,000, Meister Brau for $32,500, and Handi-Wrap for $30,000 .  A handful of brands sold for $10,000 (including Shower Mate, Sun and Surf  and Continental Illinois). Other brands sold for a pittance. A 20 year old college student bought Colliers for $2000.  The Linen Closet, Colliers, Infoseek, Computer City and the Financial Corp. of America also sold for $2000. General Cinema, Homestake Mining, and Victrola gaveled in at $1000. Some brands sold two for $100o like Allied Signal and American Petrofina.  Many didn’t sell at all.  Total take was less than $132,000. More on