Lisa Merriam

Web Video How-To: Thinking About the Visual Presentation

In this web video how-to, Kayla Schwartz, speech and presentation coach, and media trainer, talks about the importance of what the audience will see in your video.

Your setting matters. The environment of your talk enhances the message you are conveying. Pick a place that is relevant to your message.

Similarly, the way you look impacts your message. You want to appear open and honest, so don’t hide behind a desk or a lectern. Don’t use closed in or nervous body language. Allow your body to be as natural as possible.

Look your best. Get a close shave. Powder down the shine on your face. Don’t wear jarring patterns. White or black are too harsh for video, so wear medium tones. Avoid jewelry that visually distracts or making jangling noises.

Attention to these details adds value to your message. Your visual presentation will add credibility and relevance to your message.

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