Lisa Merriam

Jeep Wagoneer: Old Brands Getting New Life

Automotive News is reporting the Jeep Wagoneer brand will be back in car showrooms come January 13th.

The Brand That Invented the SUV

The brand pioneered the concept of the sport utility vehicle in 1965. Though it was discontinued in 1993, the brand still has its fans: “That was such an awesome rig!” enthuses one Wagoneer devotee. “You can fit a whole elk and a hunting dog in the back of the thing,” says another. The original Wagoneer clearly hearkens back to the real purposes of an SUV, long before the era of the soccer mom.


The Long-Term Value of Old Brands

Breathing new life into old brands makes sense. They often retain their brand equity and high consumer awareness years after they disappear from the market. Last year saw an auction of dead brands that are still valuable, and companies have built their businesses on resurrecting tired old brands. With the hyper-competitive struggle to secure trademarks and clear URLs, old brands are all the more attractive today (though oddly, both and are not owned by Chrysler–squatters still hold both URLs.)