Lisa Merriam

Public Relations

AIG Name Change to AIU

AIG is trying to outrun its old reputation by adopting a new brand. Will it work? Most people aren’t buying it. The entity, formerly known as AIG, is firmly attached to its reputation of irresponsible financial stewardship and credit default swap schemes that played a major role in the global financial collapse of 2008. The …

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Place Branding: Is Your City, Region or Country a Brand?

Branding places has become a big and sophisticated business. Whether hosting the Olympics, attracting tourists and conventions, or winning a corporate headquarters, research or manufacturing facility, billions of dollars at stake in the place branding game. We interview Rob DeRocker, executive with Development Counselors International (DCI), who is an expert in the field.

Creating Iconic Brands in China

Lisa Merriam, New York brand strategy expert, advises top Chinese marketers on how to efficiently create global brands Originally published in the Beijing News, October 21, 2006. Branding may still be a relatively new concept in China, but the nation can be expected to reach a high level of sophistication in a relatively short period …

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