Lisa Merriam

What is Brand Architecture?

Brand architecture is more than integral piece of your company’s brand strategy—it directly addresses your company’s business strategy. Brand architecture is organizing structure that specifies the type, number, relationship and purpose of brands within your brand portfolio.

Critical Strategic Questions

  • How does my company brand relate to my product brands? How do they relate to one another?
  • What is the best role for the corporate brand?
  • Does the corporate brand add or subtract value to division brands?
  • Are sub-brands and brand extensions the way to go? What are the other options?
  • Do I have true brands that are delivering value to my company or do I have a collection of names? How can I tell which is which?
  • How many brands does my company need?
  • What brands are strategically valuable and worthy of continued investment?
  • What drives consumer preferences? How do my customers buy?
  • What are the pros and cons of my current brand portfolio structure? How will future decisions impact it?
  • Would a change in my architecture give me an opportunity to dominate a market segment?
  • What do I risk if I make changes? How can I mitigate those risks?

A well-managed portfolio of brands builds value and eliminates market confusion, waste and missed opportunities. The ideal structure for your company’s brand portfolio improves business performance and supports your business strategy.

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