Lisa Merriam

Keds Iconic Brand with Iconic Brand Shape

Yokeds-iconic-brand-shape-formu know a pair of Keds just by looking at them. Keds has an iconic brand shape that is turning 100 in 2016.

Keds brand has just appointed Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners to bring the brand into its second century. The brand spends just $5 million in advertising a year, propelled instead through the decades with a strongly focused brand image that was relevant when the sneaker category was invented through 1950s sock hops to 1990s cheerleader squads.

Some products have such iconic brand shapes you just know them when you see them.

Iconic Brand Shape: You Know It When You See It

Keds is one of the few brands to have established a branded shape. You know it when you see it, no need for colors, graphics or logos.

Beyond the Logo and Name

Consider enriching your brand communication tool box with an iconic brand shape. It could be a fast way to differentiate and earn a premium from customers. Consider what Method did by packaging soap in gorgeous shapes or what EOS did with lip balm.

Naming Note:

The founders of Keds didn’t get the name they really wanted. Their first choice was “Peds,” which was already trademarked. Fate did them a favor, by not getting a descriptive name, they ended up with s name that is stood out in the marketplace and still stands out today.