Lisa Merriam

Converse Lawsuit to Protect Iconic Sneaker Brand Shape and Appearance

Adweek reports today that Converse has sued 31 companies in U.S. District Court for infringing on its Chuck Taylor All Star brand shape and appearance. Brands are not just about names and logos–they also encompass brand shapes; 3D branding.

trademark-brand-shape-converse-tiffany-coca-cola-chanel-beetleCoca-Cola was a pioneer in recognizing brand shape and appearance as a key asset to protect. The company’s contour bottle is one of the first three-dimensional shapes to be trademarked in 1915. In its 2014 fiscal year, Nike reported that Converse generated about $1.7 billion in sales–the iconic¬† brand shape is definitely an asset to fight to protect.

Successful brands frequently spawn copycats and counterfeiters. Brands like Chanel spend millions stamping out such parasites who try to leech a living off its iconic image. With $1.7 billion in sales in fiscal 2014, Converse has a lot at stake.