Lisa Merriam

Congratulations to Urban News Service

urban-news-serviceI am very honored to announce the launch of my client Urban News Service in Detroit last week. Urban News Service is a non-profit producing the kind of journalism readers want and publishing businesses need. By providing quality content to urban papers, Urban News Service transforms the economics of news gathering and serves the needs of urban communities.

African American-owned media serve a unique, loyal and engaged readership, yet quality content is costlier to produce than ever before. Urban News Service was founded to help these publishers better compete in a digital world with declining in print advertising revenue. The dynamics of today’s publishing economy have hit many publishers especially hard, impacting their ability to hire writers, cover the stories that matter and support their communities.

The privately supported initiative provides quality content to African American publishers:

  • Stories by respected professional reporters with decades of experience working for major news outlets who are highly regarded experts in their fields.
  • Stories that are exhaustively researched, fully documented and fact-checked, and conform to AP style.
  • Stories that have high impact to driver readership, reputation and revenue.
  • Stories that uniquely serve and support urban communities and individuals.

Be sure to visit their site: