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Web Video How-To: Preparing your Message

Kayla Schwartz, speech and presentation coach, and media trainer, talks about preparing your web video message in this next web video how-to in the series.

When thinking about the content of your video, it is important to consider goals, the needs and interests of your audience, and your central theme: your main message. All communication has a purpose. In your video, make sure you tell your audience what action you want them to take and why they should take it. You’ll need to involve your audience and speak to their values if you want to motivate. Be vivid, specific and personal. Say “you”, not “they”. Remember, you are speaking directly to someone, not talking in the abstract. It pays to write your ideas down and spend time to distill them into the most concise and targeted form you can. That way, you’ll get the greatest possible benefit from your video statement.

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