Lisa Merriam

Uh-Oh–Target Brand Angers Moms with Halloween Ads

Target’s mom-bashing ad makes you wonder: Don’t advertisers test their ads before broadcasting them–even in “broadcasting” is “just” YouTube and in-store media? This Target brand ad would never have passed the mom test:

While the outcry hasn’t reached the angry Motrin Mom level, Target has still made a mistake putting down a costume made by Mom to hawk cheap, store-bought, made-in-China costumes. Here is a smattering of the angry comments:

PixieRobot: “Target thinks your mom sucks.”

Fshfacegurl: “Homemade costume > storebought costume. No amount of money will buy a mom’s unconditional love. (Unless you’re Candy Spelling)”

Magog1138:Like “Seriously- That mom made him one hella BAD-ASS costume from stuff around the house. WTF, Target?”

Alex4T3Hwin: “First the gays, now moms. Who will Target alienate next? Shame on you Target. I’d rather have a light velcroed to my chest by mom who loves me than 20 dollars worth of ugly.”

And that’s just the YouTube commentary. The mommy blogs are lit up disgusted. Says one, “NOT Latina Mom Approved.”

Communicators for the Target brand just because an ad is “only” for the Web or “just” viral doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be put through the same rigorous approval process used for broadcast ads. In fact, ads on YouTube need MORE screening. You can always “pull” a broadcast ad, but once your communication is on the Web, it is “out there” forever.