Lisa Merriam

Beyond the Logo—Designing Brand Identity Assets

At its most basic, brand is a name and a logo. But these two elements alone are too superficial to communicate a rich brand. Brand identity is more than name and logo just as you are more than your name and face. Your identity includes how you look and your personal data like name, date of birth, place of residence, etc. It also includes the sound of your laugh, the way you walk, the perfume you wear, the taste of your most famous recipe. As your own personal identity is multidimensional, so should be the identity of your brand.

Elements of Brand Identity

Think beyond logo and think about how you can appeal to the five senses when designing your brand identity. What colors, shapes, symbols, textures, sounds, vocabulary, smells, flavors, and styles are associated with your brand? Create a rich brand identity to effectively create and communicate your brand idea and differentiate your brand from its competitors.