Promote Uganda: Focusing the Message for Place Branding

Focusing The Message of an NGO Doing Place Branding

Promote Uganda is a non-governmental-organization (NGO) founded by successful ex-patriot Ugandans with the goal of improving the economic lot of people in Uganda. The organization is an ambitious one. We helped them organize and articulate their agenda around several key place branding initiatives:

  • Providing tourists information about travel to Uganda
  • Helping researchers or media group seeking success stories in Uganda
  • Working with importers seeking to source from Uganda
  • Helping international exporters/suppliers seeking new markets in Uganda
  • Facilitating investment, both in Uganda and abroad.

Telling the Promote Uganda Story Through the Written Word

We work with this organization on ongoing basis, helping write and design their marketing communications including brochures, their Web site and their videos.


Using Video To Spread the Promote Uganda Story

We have scripted, edited, and produced videos to promote investment, tourism,and business travel to the region.