Lisa Merriam

Museum of Modern Art: Some Iconic Brands DO Belong in a Museum

Iconic brands do belong in a museum, and the new exhibition at the Museum of Modern art showcases some one hundred examples of influential fashion brands. The latest episode of Brilliance in Marketing brings you inside this long-awaited show.

In addition to serving as the chair of the communications committee on the board of directors of the American Marketing Association New York, I produce the “Brilliance in Marketing” video series for the organization. We discover and celebrate great marketing ideas and execution–which led us to the doors of MoMA and 53rd Street to the show that takes up the entire 6th floor.

For the first time in 70 years, the institution is featuring clothing and accessories. Previous curators just didn’t consider fashion to be art. It’s not just fashion that is art, but individual brands. It is impossible to tell the story of modern art and design without including fashion–and brands.

Iconic Brands at MoMA