Lisa Merriam

Congratulations to BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series by Navy SEALS

Working with start-ups is a special joy. Client BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series held their inaugural event May 31 – June 1 at the Atlanta International Horse Park. It was run with the precision and integrity you would expect from Navy SEALs who started the BattleFrog and who designed and built the course.

Hobie Call, one of the top US obstacle course athletes, raced to win the first Battlfrog

Navy SEALs were on hand to coach racers through obstacles, motivating athletes of all ages to do their best

Navy SEALs know that real winners are the ones that never make excuses and never quit

Live capability demos from actual Navy SEALs were part of the day-long BattleFrog event

The BattleFrog is the newest and most unique race series in the sport of obstacle racing. SEALs don’t need electro-shock, fire or other gimmicks to challenge you. Their training, so notoriously arduous that 80% who try fail, is done on the tourist-filled beaches of southern California. The BattleFrog series is just as challenging.

At the same time, the SEAL ethos of teamwork infuses every step of the course, with real SEALs on hand to coach, cheer and motivate racers. Courses are designed for every age and ability. Taking care of each other is core to the Naval Special Warfare community. BattleFrog obstacles each honor individual fallen SEALs. Proceeds from the event support the Navy SEAL Foundation, Navy SEAL Museum and Memorial and the Trident House, organizations BattleFrog has selected for its mission to honor memory, preserve legacy, support families.