The Problem Is Too Many Solutions — More Funny Brand Names

Nov 152010

Nobody sells products or services any more–everything has been elevated to the status of a “solution.”

Tech companies started the craze.You can choose your solution from HP, Cisco, IBM, and on and on in a mind-numbingly boring variety. Google the phrase “technology solution” and you will get more than 95 million results.

Unfortunately, this naming trend has spread to every corner of commerce. A friend of mine sent me this example:
Snoring Solutions

So a good elbow in the ribs isn’t good enough? We need Snoring Solutions?

The word “solutions” implies a “problem”–and that isn’t the best way to market a product. Moreover, the word “solutions” has become a boring cliche, devoid of any powerful meaning. For something so important as your brand name, meaningless words should be banished.

Here are a few more funny and misguided “solutions” names:
Pig Solutions–everything you need for your swine operation
Music Solutions–can’t you just sell guitars
Church Music Solutions–it’s about replacing organs
Kids Party Solutions–not just clowns, you know
Shoe Solutions–No Nonsense has moved beyond selling pantyhose
Professional Bat Management Solutions–Good they are not amateurs, but I want the bats gone, not managed

I’d be happy share any additional examples of funny solution names you care to add.

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