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Cablevision-brand-logo Cablevision needed an updated sales presentation that better told the story of innovation and customer insight. Working with Sales Graphics, we wrote a compelling new story for this company.
bmw-mt-kisco BMW Mount Kisco BMW Mount Kisco had considerable potential to dominate their market area with a brand message that differentiated the Mount Kisco location from other BMW dealers. We conducted extensive research and testing of ideas to effectively articulate what set BMW Mount Kisco apart.
johnsonjohnson Johnson & Johnson As a subcontractor to Coleman Brandworx, we managed identity creation and contributed to brand strategy for the Johnson & Johnson’s sponsorship of the Tornio Winter Olympic Games and the Beijing Olympic Games.
 Lexisnexis-risk-solutions-logo LexisNexis Risk Solutions has grown rapidly through innovation and acquisition. The brand needed a repositioning that better reflected the company’s expanded capabilities and growing “big data” role. Working with 321 Worldwide, we helped craft the new umbrella story for the company.
Westfield_logo-300x98 Westfield We were part of an innovative team assembled by Levine Design Group to help this global mall developer better understand opportunities to improve shopper experiences in common areas and to improve the profit per square foot for kiosk retail. The project covered everything from customer intercept In Context Opinion research to visual merchandising to training leasing professionals.
blackstone-logo-300x68 The Blackstone Group acquired a large portfolio of residential foreclosed properties and was investing in transforming them into upscale rentals. We helped the company name this new venture.
Fiserv-logo Fiserv Conducted naming exploration for a suite of acquired products as part of a larger international strategic agency team.
walgreens_logo Walgreens Provided search engine optimized web copy for diversity initiatives section of the corporate Web site on an ongoing basis.
bed-bath-beyond-logo Bed, Bath & Beyond Provide ongoing copy writing support for in-store signage and completed name concept exploration for a new store-wide product line.
subway logo Subway Created branded copy for expressing the brand’s new manifesto following its re-positioning
amtrak-logo Amtrak Provided name concepts for the company’s sustainability initiative covering environmental, economic and social factors as part of a larger advertising agency team.
kirch Kirch & Co. The company had grown from a small family venture into a multinational manufacturing and branding powerhouse. The company had never really addressed its brand or history, but in preparation for a new web site, wanted to communicate to consumers in a new way. We positioned the Kirch brand around exceptional design and quality construction. We also recounted the company history to emphasize the role design and manufacturing have played in the inception and growth of the company. We also re-wrote the George Nelson catalog copy to better tell the story behind each iconic design in the portfolio.
geomentum Interpublic Media Brands Interpublic Group turned to us to name a new agency that unites hyper local marketing intelligence with proprietary technology to unlock the power of precision marketing to pinpoint reach. We conducted a broad name concept exploration, used our proprietary evaluation methods, and delivered a name that is on strategy and has a clear domain name Geomentum.
fusion-beauty-logo Lip Fusion We talked to fashion-forward women about their views of make-up, their own personal needs, and their thoughts about lip gloss and the potential brand extensions of the Fusion brand. We video taped qualitative field market research interviews throughout Manhattan.
canon-brand-logo Canon Merriam Associates was brought in by Spark Creative Group to develop a series of Web video scripts illustrating how Canon Multi-Function Printers solve common document management problems. The videos are used by Canon sales representatives to engagingly and simply demonstrate complex product features that get buried in highly technical printed brochures.
Kore Kore Sportswear Merriam Associates was brought in by Fresh Bread Creative to name this eco-friendly line of athletic clothing made of 100% bamboo fabric. After exploring the usual clichés around bamboo and eco/green, we discovered a powerful concept that turned out to be an ideal name for this product. The name Kore Sportswear evokes the benefits of the product as an insulating base layer for serious athletes.
logo-elsevier Reed Elsevier We work with this company on an on-going basis researching and writing search engine optimized web copy for this world leading publisher of some 2,000 journals and 20,000 books and major reference works, with a readership in excess of 30 million people worldwide.
western-union-logo Western Union needed to upgrade its communications and distribution partner pitch in an increasingly competitive environment. I provided strategic advice and copyrighting services to the project.
Navy-SEAL-Museum-Logo National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum Merriam Associates is honored to help the Museum with various outreach activities, including a new Web site, social media work, SEO, link building, fund raising, and more.
lancome Lancome Working with G Group Marketing, we worked with Lancome, licensee of Ralph Lauren fragrance brands, to conducted qualitative field market research into the new meaning of luxury for Ralph Lauren brand. We video taped interviews with people in seven different localities across different age, ethnic and income groups for a true pulse-of-the-country view of goals and values.
uganda Focus on Uganda We helped this Non-Governmental Organization adopt a new name and look that gives them a stronger focus. We continue to work with this organization on ongoing basis, helping write and design their marketing communications and we also script, edit, and produce their videos to promote investment, tourism,and business travel to the region.
Skyline Drive We helped this international movie producer creating marketing copy around their upcoming release of the mystery thriller Skyline Drive, due for release in 2011.
jamba Jamba Juice Jamba Juice was looking for ways to drive traffic to their stores and be more visibly active in local communities. We created promotional programs and materials that individual franchise owners can customize and use for local promotions.
levine Levine Design Group Levine Design Group are experts in the art of luxury branding. We shot and produced “A New Age of Luxury Retailing” video and accompanying PowerPoint presentation for their talk at the International Retail Design Conference in Toronto, Canada in October, 2010.
YMCA West Side YMCA Created a video showcasing the New York City West Side YMCA’s Creative Drama Class.
afm American Federation of Musicians – Local 802 Created videos to help Local 802 Presidential Candidate Tino Gagliardi communicate to the membership of the New York chapter of the union.
ADP-logo-brand ADP ADP sought to understand small business owners to better tailor their product line to this segment. As a subcontractor to Coleman Brandworx, we interviewed small business owners of all kinds about their needs, opinions, and values of small business owners. We also looked at how other big companies marketed to this segment in terms of visuals, programs, messaging, and media.
chevron-brand-logo Chevron Chevron knew they had the opportunity to boost profitability if they could get people who pay at the pump to come into the store to buy something. As a subcontractor to CBX, we conducted qualitative field market research into the purchase drivers of pay-at-the-pump customers, taping video interviews of customers and their reactions.
disneylive Disney Live Disney Live! Was experimenting with a new traveling show. During previews, we, as subcontractors to Coleman Brandworx, attended some of the early shows to do qualitative field market research using video. We talked to guests as they were coming into the show about their expectations and reasons for coming to the show. We interviewed them at intermission and then again at the end of the show to get detailed feedback about the story, characters, staging and overall experience.
chicago-induction-new-logo Chicago Induction Chicago Induction was a company at a crossroads. A new generation was taking up leadership of the family firm and they wanted to modernize the brand and refocus the company for growth and innovation. We repositioned company around a unique strength, its ability to creatively tailor industrial processes for highly efficient, high quality results. We updated the logo, created a visual system, and wrote and redesigned both the Chicago Induction website , marketing materials including the corporate brochure, and stationery.
kotler marketing Kotler Marketing We coordinated the Kotler partnership with the CBX branding agency to set up offices in Beijing and Shanghai and to find the initial brand strategy and design clients in China.
Elanti Elanti Systems We translated extremely technical information about real-time intelligent Internet traffic software product into brochure copy that is easy for non-technical executives to understand and that makes a compelling case for the company’s solutions.
proxios Proxios had its beginnings as a small technology infrastructure outsourcing company called SuperServer. The company had grown beyond its Richmond, VA roots to have a national reach and had made significant investments in cutting-edge technology. They needed a brand that would convey the true stature of the company and give it a better footing for growth. Our work began with extensive market research, including a comparative analysis of copy and design used by competing companies, and interviews with current, past, and potential customers. We positioned company around the concept of “responsive service”. The SuperServer name could not effectively carry the company forward. We conducted a thorough naming program, testing dozens of candidates and eventually selecting Proxios. We created a new logo that raises the company above the visual cliches so common to the category and designed a visual system that unified the look of all the company’s marketing communications pieces. We wrote and designed the entire suite of communications materials, down to the business cards.
edison Edison Group We helped Edison Group, a technology analysis and business consulting firm, write and edit a product test and analysis document covering Novell’s Virtualization Management Solutions. Our goal was to transform the technology writing into language that was more clear and less jargon-filled–ultimately making the document more accessible and useful to executives and decision makers.
egnos European Space Agency The European Space Agency was launching a new global positioning service called EGNOS. One of the important new applications of this technology is high-precision agriculture. We researched the new features and functions of the service and wrote brochure copy targeting the agricultural community in Europe.
flexible-informatics Flexible Informatics Flexible Informatics needed a new name for its flagship medical reporting software that could more effectively compete in a crowded market and that would support expanding products and features in the future. We renamed the medical information and management reporting software as EncaptureMD. In preparation for the launch of the new name, we wrote web and brochure copy.
four points Four Points Technology Four Points Technology is growing beyond its beginnings as a service disabled veteran owned small business into a real contender in the IT services contracting industry. In preparation for a Web site redesign, we researched competitive companies to better understand how they go to market, both in terms of messaging and visuals. We made recommendations for a redesigned identity and wrote the copy for the new (not yet launched) Web site.
freshbread Fresh Bread Creative During our long-standing relationship with this agency, we have developed names and slogans for over 40 companies including restaurants, retailers, fashion and clothing designers, business services companies, technology firms, and non-profits.
futurebrand FutureBrand As a subcontractor, we have provided extensive brand strategy and copy writing support to this leading international brand identity agency.
hampton roads gladiator Hampton Roads Gladiators Designed logo and identity for professional indoor soccer team. The logo was inspired to create colors with powerful contrast and memorability so that the team could be more strongly merchandised. Research included reviewing gladiator armaments and soccer teams all over the world. The use of the “Gladium” or specific gladiator short sword will also play into merchandising. The design is intended to be vibrant without being over complicated so that it is readily recognized.
ITB Integration Technologies Group Integration Technologies competes in a crowded category of government technology contractors that includes giants such as Lockheed Martin, EDS and Unisys. They needed to present themselves in a way that would give them stature within this competitive set. We conducted extensive competitive market research including a comparative analysis of copy and design used by competing companies. We positioned the company around the concept of “uncompromising performance” and rewrote the Web copy, brochure copy, press releases, sell sheets and more to better convey the performance story.
mcfrank McFrank & Williams We provide ongoing strategic insight for positioning and promoting new products and services for this specialty marketing agency.
mimic disc Mimic Disc Mimic Disc, a technology consulting firm dedicated to the implementation of business continuity and disaster recovery systems, wanted to kick off a sales initiative around a key entry-level service. We created a unique selling proposition and targeted a direct response letter to financial compliance executives. We wrote and designed the accompanying brochure and product Web copy to make it informative and compelling.
novad Novad Novad is a young management consulting company that got its start as a minority owned government contractor. It had clearly outgrown this limited definition and had earned an impressive track record for its government and private sector clients. We repositioned the company around its ability to come into projects and dramatically affect the speed, efficiency and quality of the work–they really function as a force multiplier. We created a positioning, tagline and graphic metaphor for the company. We then crafted on-strategy Web site, brochure and sales copy.
Insurance Agents United Association: We wrote and produced Web videos to recruit agents and to explain the association’s vast array of services.
amanda-strauss-designs Amanda Strauss Designs Amanda Strauss Designs works with some of the world’s best-known athletes to design furnishings, rooms, whole houses, and outdoor spaces. Our work for Amanda Strauss designs included copy writing, brochure design, sales support, and marketing communications.
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