Disney Trademarks SEAL Team 6, But Not DEVGRU or Delta Force

May 142011

Are the SEALs the best? They sure have the best brand–especially after the bin Laden raid.

Disney is just the latest company to try to trademark a SEAL brand, reserving “SEAL Team 6,” for entertainment uses, toys (including snow globes!) and clothing.

SEAL Team 6 Logo

The other Tier One counter-terrorism unit, Delta Force, has not attained the same power as a brand. While there are some 30+ trademarks for Delta Foce, they are for things like vacuum cleaners, flash lights, waste effluent filters, and even a floor polish.

SEAL Team 6 is technically no longer in existence. The unit was renamed DEVGRU in 1987. It doesn’t quite have the same swagger; there are no trademarks of that name. And word has it that the unit has been renamed again–and the new name is classified. Makes it extra difficult to trademark it that way.


UPDATE: The U.S. Navy has wasted no time in countering the Disney applications with competing claims. Disney quickly backed down–probably a safer course of action than trying to take on the SEALs. More: The Mouse Surrenders

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