Beyond Name and Logo: Other Elements of Your Brand

Sep 022011

The most basic brand elements are a name and a logo. But these alone are not enough to communicate a rich brand identity.

Your own personal identity is more than your name and your face. Your identity includes personal data like your birthday, place of residence, where you work, and your phone number. It also includes the sound of your laugh, the way you walk, and the taste of your most famous recipe. As your own personal identity is multidimensional, so should be the identity of your brand.

Trademarks Brand Elements

Think beyond name and logo to how you can appeal to the five senses. Can your logo move and animate? What colors, shapes, symbols, textures, sounds, vocabulary, smells, flavors, and styles can be associated with your brand? As more customers experience your brand in an interactive environment, adding more dimensionality to your brand will help
you stand out and engage.

Creating a rich brand identity more effectively communicates what makes your brand so special, compelling and worth remembering.

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